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    01. 11 pm Train

    11 pm Train

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    02. 11 pm Train

    11 pm Train

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    03. 11 pm Train

    11 pm Train

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    04. 11 pm Train

    11 pm Train

autores : Keila Costa +José Silveira - imagens : José Silveira

The exhibition marked the celebration of the 2nd anniversary of SESC SANTANA.

The idea was to bring the sensorial and ludic track of Cantareira’s train, sang by Adoniran Barbosa “TREM DAS ONZE”. Pictures from the train stations were reproduced in translucent panels displayed at selected spots in a subtle reproduction of Sao Paulo’s topography on the floor, where maps from 3 historic periods of the city were overlapped to make evident its urban growth.

Co-autHor: José Silveira.


SAo Paulo [SP] 2007/2008

[English] [Português do Brasil]